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I'm going to give you some of my favorite fillers to use for things such as text and borders.  Here is a hint for working with these fillers.  Give them a try at the size they are now, but if you are not quite happy with the result, resize/resample them either larger and smaller and save them as a second or third copy of the original file.  I keep about 4 different sizes of them around since I fill different size areas and may want a different effect.  For a few of these fillers, I have already given you two different sizes.  IE users, just right click to save them since they are full size, or you can download the entire collection on these two pages as one zip file.  Netscape users choose save target as for the zip file.  Even though I have created quite a few fillers for my own use, I have also used some lovely work from Jay's original backgrounds.
Fillers zip: 36 fillers, 208kb

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