This is a quick explanation of how I make some of the framed images we use.  In this method, I don't use a transparent gif, but work with jpgs instead.  The first thing you will need is a frame with the inside area cleared of all colors except one, white most of the time.  You can also add an inner mat line using the square line tool.  Select the square tool, have your top color box set to black usually, click on the Control Toggle to adjust the width of the line, then use the square tool as you would the selection tool.  When you finish tracing the inside line, just release the mouse and you have an inside mat.
Next you use the magic wand to select the inside area of the mat.  While it is selected, choose copy and paste as new image.  This will place a copy of the inside area for you to determine the exact pixels of that area.  Then you are ready to resize/resample the image you want framed to this size.  Sometimes this takes quite a bit of work to get the right size, especially with more involved frames.  You may have to become very creative and paste your image on a larger new image, and then use the clone brush to extend either the width or the height of that image.  Neither of those can be smaller than the inside area of the frame.  Once that is set, you use the fill pattern method and place the image inside the frame.  Also, you can then use the square tool once again to add another inside mat such as white.

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