Tube Management
Before I explain how to make and save a tube, let's double check if you know where the tool is for tubes.  The following screen capture shows a new image, the tube brush tool depressed, and the control box open so that I can scroll through the list of tubes installed.  You can also resize the tubes in the control box.  For this image, I've chosen a butterfly and sized it at 23%.

When you first install PSP 5.0, you will notice that you have a tube folder that contains a variety of PSP tubes.  On the JASC site, you can download several different tubes sets for things such as Christmas, Valentines, Thanksgiving, etc.  They come as exe files that you install into your tubes folder.  Most of the free tubes on the web, such as my Christmas tubes, do not get installed.  Huh?  You need to open them in PSP and export them as tubes to install them as working tubes.  Let's use one of my tubes to explain this.

The angelset02.tub is a set of 4 angels.  This is how they look on my page as a gif image. 
This is how they look when you open the tub file in PSP.

With the tube file open in PSP, go to File, then Export as Picture Tube.  A window is going to pop up that you need to fill in with certain information.  This tube file has 4 images across, none down.  So it has 4 cells across, 1 cell down.  You need to make sure you fill in those numbers correctly or your installed tube will not work properly.  The total number of cells will be added up automatically, you don't need to fill that in.   For the tube name, you can either name it the original name, or give it one of your own.  You don't need to put the .tub file extension in the name field.


Here's an important hint.  If you have the control box for tubes up while you are exporting/installing a new one, you will need to close that box before the new tube will show up.  Sometimes I've even had to pick another tool and then go back to the tube tool, then the control box for tubes before the new tube shows up in the list.

And what if you decide you don't like the tube and want to remove it from your tubes list?  This can become important as you play with tubes because that darn list can get very long to scroll through!

Tube Removal

The removal of a tube file is a two-part process.  I suggest doing one before the other.  In Notepad, open the file called Tubes.ctl which you can find in your tubes folder in PSP.  Scroll down until you find the tube you want to remove.  In this case we will remove the angelset02.tub we just installed.

Remove just those lines in the block that pertain to angelset02.  Notice that it has the information for the name chosen when exporting, the actual tube file name, and the number of total cells/tubes.  After you have removed this block, save the file.  Now go back to your tubes folder in PSP and actually remove angelset02.tub.  As I said, it's a two-part process to fully remove a tube file so that it isn't in your list when you pull up the control box for tubes.  There are some tube management programs out there, but once you've done one it will be simple.  I personally don't like to add anymore programs than I need to control my files.

Remember, there is a difference between the tubes you download on the web like the ones I offer and the ones you get from PSP.  The ones from JASC come as exe files and get installed by double clicking on the exe and installing them in your tubes folder.

Now that you know how to find your tubes and use them, how to install and uninstall them, let's go over making and saving tubes.

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