I'm going to go over a very general idea of using layers.  For me, layers have been a life saver when using text on images or for ads.  This very simple explanation will work on any project you do using layers.  I've created a new image, 150x150, to show this process.  I added the text of Text 1 to the new image, and while it was still selected, cut it.  Then I pasted it as a new layer.  I clicked on the new layer of text with the layer tool, then went to Layers on the top tool bar, Properties, then named that layer Text 1.

I continued to add two more texts, cutting each and pasting as a new layer as I added them.  This next image shows the information on my layers.  I have 4 layers all together.

What is the point you ask?  Well let's just say we've added several lines of text to an image.  When it's all done you notice that one of the lines doesn't look right.  If you haven't used layers, you have to either start over or use undo to get back to the wrong line.  With layers you can move those layers of text anywhere you want on the image.  I decided to move Text 1 to the middle.  It was simple, I didn't have to start over.  I just used the layer tool, clicked on each layer as I moved them.

Important tip here:

Once you have all the layers on your image, save the file as a psp file.  It will preserve your layers.  Don't merge yet!  Once you have the layered image looking great, go to Layers, then Merge.  Save that image with a different file name so you don't lose your layered file.  Believe me, I've had clients come back to me a week later and ask me to change one little thing, and I've been very grateful for that layered copy!

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