Pern & Darkover
Pern is the magical world where I came to love the relationship between humans & dragons. I too dreamed of riding on the back of a great dragon while fighting thread.  And in those dreams it would be Ruth, the white dragon, on whose back I would find adventure.  But I also fell in love with those special fire lizards with their many charms.  In my own fantasy world of Celtia, I have two such special friends, Tamlin & Glory.  Tamlin is a blue, and Glory is a gold.  My best friend and companion, Bester P12, has his own little blue one named Q'Tre.  You can learn more about this part of my life at GloriAnon's history pages.  You can also visit our special world, Celtia, and learn more about our dailylife in this magical world.  Come and visit Celtia anytime, our doors are always open.  And our world is always changing.  So.....make sure you come back often if you don't want to miss anything!

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What a wonderful & complex world Darkover is.  Marion Zimmer Bradley is one of the greatest science fiction writers of our time.  The saga of Darkover was begun many years ago, and I truly believe that Marion saw a great vision that was very advanced for that time.  And for all of us who have enjoyed the concept of telepaths in the Babylon5 world, Marion has provided a most satisfying indepth look at the science & psychology of psi power.  If you have never read a Darkover novel, it is my deepest wish that you would now go explore that very special world.

Learn about the Age of Chaos when the abuse of matrix power almost destroyed Darkover.  Discover the struggle for control of Darkover when the Terran Empire finds them at long last.  Experience the deepest levels of relationships between the sexes who have "laran".  And grow strong as you learn of the fight of the Amazons to establish themselves as strong women who need no man to survive.

Come to Darkover and you will grow in knowledge of your own inner self.  And if you so desire it, visit the Women of Celtia.  There you will find how Darkover influenced the women in my own special world of Celtia.  You can also meet one very special Amazon warrior when you stop by ToBeXena's place.

If you would like to know more about how GloriAnon was influenced by  concepts in Darkover, then visit her History pages.   You might notice that  Glori has a special psi connection with Bester P12.   Stop by his place if you want to.  And to M.Ridenow (you know who you are)... I love you!

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