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The Concrete Jungle....this is my home.  Welcome children to my Lair.  This is my place where I can really relax and be myself.  I'm a night prowler, always on the hunt for fresh game, and if you are not careful, you just might be my next meal. 

Now as to my occupation....I am the ultimate huntress of the night.  I stalk my prey and leave them in a state of ecstasy.  And since I am a night huntress, I have many nighttime friends.  As you can probably tell, my special friends are vampires.  And they have given me permission to tell everyone some of their stories...which I have been doing with great pleasure. 

I take great pleasure in music.  I will listen to any types of music, but my personal favorites are classic rock groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Queen, among many, many others.  If I am angry, tread softly, but I can be soothed with such music.  So consider this fair warning. 

So make yourself comfortable in my humble abode.  If you don't mess up the decor, I won't make you my next meal. 

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"The Tyger"
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For the really brave, come look into my eyez!
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