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Well.....what did you expect here?  Some well researched, well written document on the life and times of Walter Koenig?  I don't think so!  For one thing, I don't believe anyone will ever top Walter's own words in his book Warped Factors.  Walter writes in a style that draws us close to the person beyond the actor.  You know, the actual person of Walter Koenig.  You see, actors are actually real people who have real lives outside the characters they play.  I just thought I would point that out to those people who get easily confused and might accuse Walter of trying to "scan" them! 

Filled with funny and heart-warming stories, I began to feel like Walter was an old friend sitting in my home just chatting with me while I was reading Warped Factors.  I would find myself laughing out loud at his humorous and yet quite frightening tales of the early school years.  Sometimes he made you wish for a transportor so you could beam over to his current location and give him a big hug, at least a big hug for that child who today can still remember screaming out, "I don't want to be in that sissy class!"  Oh, and the heartbreak of that Valentine he made with such touching love only to not receive one himself from the recipient of his devotion. 

There are some people out there, and you know who you are, who can't see beyond Pavel Chekov.  Still others rant about how much they hate Alfred Bester.  What everyone needs to remember is that the man, Walter Koenig, gave us two wonderful characters that we will never forget.  I only wish I could have read Warped Factors before his time as Bester.  Now as I go back and watch the old episodes I can begin to see that depth from which Walter draws such wonderful performances.  Oh come on now; am I the only one who ever saw the sweet little boy with a sense of humor in Bester's eyes?  His wry and witty sense of humor is always right beneath the surface of the forbidding Psi Cop's uniform. 

I found myself actually surprised at first to find out Walter had a degree in Psychology, but the more I read his book the more it began to work as a good therapy session on me.  If Walter ever gets tired of acting, I'd be willing to pay for some sessions where I explore my childhood.  I'd be sure to ask about the BBQ.  I better explain that. 

When I was in junior high school I had a very disturbing experience which I now believe shaped my future.  My mother had found a pack of cigarettes in my purse.  Since she was such a devout Southern Baptist, I expected the worst.  What followed stunned me.  Without saying a word, she went outside with the offending purse.  Like a religious ritual she gathered together all the components of the BBQ.  Lovingly she arranged the wood chips and artistically placed the coals on top of that.  Lighter fluid was sprayed upon the pile like holy water, and then with much relish the match was struck.  A roaring fire blazed up, and upon this my poor purse was laid to be burned as though in the very fires of hell.  A few years later I left home and became a Catholic, eventually married Jewish, and later created Celtic web sites complete with druids and a few bonfires.  I'm sure the reason for all of that is to be found in the "Great Purse BBQ Incident."  I wonder what Walter would say? 

One of the things I most appreciate about Warped Factors is how honest Walter is.  If you are wondering how I can say that, let me explain.  Walter does not spare himself when talking about his life.  If he acted badly, he comes right out and says that.  No excuses, he lets you see into his life in a way that most Hollywood types would avoid.  What that eventually does for the reader is to allow them to accept way it really was through all the Star Trek years, those years that fans tend to get a little crazy about.  Although some parts made me very sad, I feel I am much better off in the long run.  I do have one comment to make though.  At the end of the book Walter posts a  letter he had received from a fan who told him he couldn't act so stick to Chekov.  Obviously not a fan of the theatre, and also not a fan of Babylon 5 where Walter created a character with so many levels that this in turn has caused more heated discussions in the chat rooms than any other.  When Bester enters a scene, you watch!  And when he tells Garibaldi the truth, I had chills during that scene.  Can't act??? 

Look, my best suggestion is for you to read Warped Factors.  I can promise you that it's not like any other biography you've read before.  I admit it; I had been turned off by biographies from years of having to do book reports for school, but this one was pure pleasure!  Visit the Warped Factors pages for more information and a few images.  Find out about the man who is much more than an actor.  Teacher, writer, actor....he does them all so very well. 

I always respected Walter's acting abilities, but as an avid book reader I've really been taken by surprise at his ability to keep me turning the pages! 
Oh, and be ready to start shouting out a few of what I now call "Walter's relevant moments in time." 

"That's neurotic!  Don't do that anymore!" 

Listen to Walter:

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