Three essential accessories for a wedding dress

During her wedding, the bride must look her best. And this includes her dress and the accessories that go with it. Some accessories are more important than others. Discover here the essential accessories for a wedding dress.

The veil

The veil is an accessory that has always been used at weddings. The bride wears it during the ceremony until her husband takes it off. It can be short or long, depending on the bride’s taste. But it is much more recommended to wear a shoulder-length veil. This makes the bride look elegant. However, you can opt for the long veil as it will give you a princess style. There are several varieties of veil but the most commonly used is the white tulle veil. You can also use a wedding hat decorated with flowers as you wish. Note that the veil is increasingly neglected although it is an essential in the wedding.


Jewellery generally accentuates a woman’s beauty. On your wedding day, jewellery is of great importance even if you don’t normally wear it. Brides are often advised to keep only their engagement rings on their right hand. But you can add necklaces and earrings if you wish. Most of the time, simple but elegant jewellery is used to give the bride an angelic look. You may prefer pearl jewellery, skin jewellery or flower brooches.


Shoes are essential even when you are not getting married. But especially on this day, they should be chosen to match the tone of your dress. Here, it is recommended that you wear shoes that you feel comfortable in so that you feel at ease during your wedding. But if you can handle high shoes, then go ahead and treat yourself. Choose pumps preferably to give you a glamorous and chic look.  

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